Privacy Policy - Ria Money Transfer

Welcome to the RIA Money Transfer Service.

The payment transaction execution service rendered by RIA for transferring funds (the "Service") is provided by the companies of the RIA Financial Group ("RIA") (listed in

All of the RIA entities adhere to the Puerto Seguro - Safe Harbor agreement - for which reason communications between RIA companies, even when international, are covered by all required guarantees.

The purpose of this policy is to describe the handling of your personal information so that you can manage your information personally.

The owner of the Service is RIA PAYMENT INSTITUTION E P S.A.U. whose tax identification number (NIF) is A80696792 and whose address is Edificio Amura, C/ Cantabria nº 2, planta 2, A 1, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid, which is authorized by the Banco de España under number 6842 to render payment services throughout Spain.

1. What information is gathered through the Service? From whom is it gathered? How is it gathered?

The information about you that is handled by RIA is that which is strictly necessary in order to render the financial service that you have contracted. For this purpose, we obtain your identifying data and the data necessary to carry out the financial transaction or operation.

We collect the data that the requestor of the Service provides to us. Data is collected through a computer application in which all of the data about the contracted service is recorded.

1.1. Private information

Whenever a user uses the RIA Service, RIA collects information about:

(1) email addresses

(which RIA may use to verify registration, to distribute news or information about RIA or to provide any service-related information or documentation, or to communicate with users regarding subjects related to the service, among other purposes);

(2) given name and surnames of the user;

(3) the user's street address;

(4) User contact data;

(5) Service-related data

(User's ID document type, Number, Issuer, and Expiration date);

(6) User's password;

(7) Other possible data: User's date of birth, user's occupation, bank data or other sensitive data, when required in order to render the Service in compliance with regulations and RIA's internal policies.

1.2. Other Information

There is additional information that can be obtained about you in order to be able to perform the Service properly, such as:

(i) Internet browser type (for example, Internet Explorer 10);

(ii) IP address;

(iii) resolution settings;

(iv) platform type; and

(v) users' source Internet address.

Why does RIA need this information?

In order to

(a) help diagnose problems with the RIA servers;

(b) measure the utilization of the web site and the RIA Service;

(c) manage the Service and the RIA web site;

(d) inform RIA's partners of the number of users who belong to certain demographic categories;

(e) offer RIA's partners information about which users saw and clicked on certain advertisement on the RIA web site; or

(f) perform statistical analyses of characteristics and collective behavior, or to measure the demographic statistics of users in general.

2. Cookies

Cookies are small electronic data files that contain detailed information about your uses of Internet browsing.

What does RIA do with these files?

Cookie Policy

3. Who handles user information?

All of the information gathered on the RIA web site is processed for the purpose of rendering the service contracted by the user.

In order to perform this service optimally, there are other entities that may access the data, such as:

  • Affiliates and wholly-owned subsidiaries of the RIA Group,
  • the Correspondents, or
  • the contractors involved in processing a user's money transfers, and
  • governmental and state security agencies may also receive and maintain such information.

All of these communications are supported by current regulations.

4. Is the information shared with anyone?

RIA does not reveal non-public financial or personal information about its clients to anyone who does not need it in order to carry out the service requested and/or who is not authorized by law. We do not sell or exchange client lists or client information. We gather, use, and verify that information which we consider necessary in order to perform the authorized transactions. Client information is used to evaluate, process, manage, and carry out the transactions that our clients request and authorize.

We restrict access to non-public financial and personal information only to those employees who have a need to know the information in order to be able to offer the requested financial services.

We maintain procedural, electronic, and physical safeguards in order to protect your non-public personal information. We provide the same protections to prospects and to our previous clients that we do to our current clients.

5. How can users access, change or delete confidential information?

Users may change, modify, delete, or update private information at any time by going to the RIA web site, logging in and clicking in the user area on the RIA web site.

If a user wishes to close his or her RIA account, the user may follow the procedure to delete the account found in the user area on the web site.

In addition, in case of any doubt you can send us an email at

6. Links to / from other web sites

This Policy applies only to information collected while a user is visiting the website. The RIA web site contains links to other web sites, and other web sites, in turn, may contain links to the RIA web site. RIA need not be aware, and is not responsible for, the privacy policies, practices or content of such third-party websites. RIA encourages users to read and become familiar with the privacy policies maintained by these third-party websites.

RIA accepts no responsibility for the products, content and services of other websites that can be linked, either directly or indirectly, through the RIA website, and reserves the right to modify, limit, or cancel access to, and the content of, its website whenever it deems such action appropriate, and accepts no responsibility for possible discrepancies that may arise between the printed and electronic versions of its documents.

Unless authorized in writing, RIA prohibits the reproduction, copying, use, distribution, commercialization or any other use that could be made of the content of its web pages.

Access to this website is the exclusive responsibility of it users. Access of, and browsing in this website implies acceptance and knowledge of the legal warnings, conditions, and usage terms contained therein.

This website may not be altered, changed, modified, or adapted.

Nevertheless, RIA reserves that right to carry out, at any time, such changes and modifications as it may deem appropriate, and may make use of this right at any time and without prior notice.

7. How is the user's information protected? / Security measures

RIA takes precautions to protect users' information. When the Service requests sensitive user information (including, but not limited to, private information), the information is encrypted and protected.

The RIA user information database resides on RIA servers behind different firewalls that protect it from loss, misuse, theft and unauthorized modifications, deletion, or alteration of the information contained in these databases.

In addition, RIA has taken preventive measures to restrict access to sensitive data and private information, as well as to detect, monitor, and prevent certain communications and operations by non-authorized users.

Only the employees, Correspondents and other third-party contractors of RIA who are involved in a user's money transfer processing have access to such information. Although the measures taken by RIA are similar to those of the Internet sector, RIA does not claim or guarantee the security or impenetrability of the RIA system under unusual circumstances, or its ability to withstand future sophisticated attacks.

8. Data Protection

People who contract the Services of RIA and who provide personal data for this purpose, whether to register for the Service or to be able to continue benefitting from the Service, expressly agree that: (i) any personal data that they provide may be processed and become part of RIA's files, for the purpose of managing and executing the payment operations which constitute the purpose of our Services; (ii) the provision of such data is necessary in order for RIA to render the requested service; (iii) the data may be used by RIA and communicated to other companies in the RIA Financial group (listed at and to third-party service providers when necessary in order to render or improve services, and that such companies may be located in the European Economic Space or in other countries which may not offer a level of protection equivalent to that of the aforementioned Space. All possible data receiving agencies, including those in the group described above as well as those who manage the receipt of the money, belong to the financial and payment entity sector. If the requested data is not provided, the above-mentioned service cannot be provided. The Client may object to the processing of his or her data and/or exercise the rights to access, rectification, challenge, and cancellation at any time, by notifying RIA at its business address at C/Cantabria 2, 2º A-1, 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid), or by email at, within the legally established terms.

9. When does the law allow the information to be disclosed?

RIA may reveal the private information of users, only when required to do so, to:

  • Official or judicial authorities or other individuals or entities, in response to applicable legislation or at the request of national security, situations, court orders or other legal procedures.
  • Protection of RIA against harmful acts.

10. Information about minors and children

RIA does not direct the RIA website nor the Service to children, nor does it collect contact information about children under 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not send email to RIA, do not contact the RIA website, do not attempt to use the service, do not send information to the RIA website, and do not ask RIA to send you any email.

11. Contact Information

C/Cantabria 2, 2º A-1, 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid),

Phone: (+34) 917 613 760